Hello, my name is Emma Andre and I want to help you take the next step toward the freedom that health offers.


I am a different kind of doctor.  My focus is on addressing the underlying causes of disease through individualized treatment, catered to your unique needs and health history.  I am passionate about helping my patients gain better insight into their own health for improved quality of life. The therapies I use are designed to stimulate the body’s own healing process, and partner well with conventional medicine diagnostics to help you heal in a safe and comfortable way.  I greatly value the relationship that develops with my patients. Working as a team is vital for both doctor and patient in the commitment to improving health.

At the National College of Natural Medicine, I trained extensively in the areas of clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, exercise, spinal manipulation, as well as conventional medical treatments. I am certified in applied kinesiology as well. I use all of these tools combined with current conventional wisdom to help each patient on their journey to wellness.

I treat all kinds of conditions, but I have a special interest in fatigue, preventive heart health, depression/anxiety, digestive issues, and musculoskeletal health/sports injuries. I especially love helping motivated, active people stay active and in the game. 

“True health is so much more than just the absence of symptoms or disease. Health is a precious resource we all have access to, and requires active participation to maintain. Health is an optimal state of well-being where the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of a person are all balanced and nourished.”